Simple Save

Large industrial facilities, our government, and even the power companies themselves are today more than ever committed to saving energy in any way possible. Industrial users focus on reducing costs, our government is committed to reducing dependence on foreign fossil fuels, and power companies promote less energy usage so their current infrastructure can handle the continuous growing power consumption demands. This initiative has led to impactful rebates being offered by energy companies and the government.

With these rebates in mind Tek-Matic saw that not all companies were realizing the benefits and fast ROI that can be accomplished with energy savings and rebate programs for smart motor control. Many companies struggle to identify the best energy savings applications in their facility, and the best routes to fast ROI.

With our 30+ years of experience in process and motor control we are able to help companies eliminate the logistical and implementation barriers that make energy savings cost effective and seamless to implement.

If smaller energy bills and fast payback aren’t enough for you, check out all of these additional Simple Save benefits:

  • Eliminates the need for mechanical throttling (control valves/outlet dampers)
  • Built-in soft start gently ramps up motors eliminating peak demand charges
  • Added control—smoother accel and decel, automated response to system conditions (e.g. pressure, flow, etc.)
  • Reduces lagging Power factor (PF) charges
  • Improves process control, such as speeding up or slowing down your machine or process
  • Extends the life of motors
  • Protects motors from overload currents and voltages