Plate Handler

Plate Storage

Automation Storage and Accessories

KX-2 Laboratory Robot

Continuous 360 Rotation Cobot for Labware

iWash Slide Cleaner

iWash Slide Cleaner for automated cell counting slides

Miniature 6 Axis Robot

Industrial robotics in the palm of your hand

Antibody Analysis Kits

Assay solutions for IgG quantification and glycan analysis of antibodies and proteins

Assay Robotics

Automated assay development


Nanoliter liquid handling workstation

Custom Lab Automation

Robotics and sample handling systems


Ultra precision liquid volume verification


Automated chemical reaction device


Simple, scalable, plate & sample storage


Non contact nanoliter dispenser


Automated sample storage and retrieval system

Industrial Robotics

KX-2 Laboratory Robot

Continuous 360 Rotation Cobot for Labware

Planar Conveyors

Autonomous cart levitating Planar conveying systems

Miniature 6 Axis Robot

Industrial robotics in the palm of your hand

Custom Motors

Smart Motors

Smart motor control for smarter machines

Optical Positioning Systems

Miniature positioners for optics manipulation

Robotic Positioning Components

Positioners for patients and optics

Drive & Control

Rack & Pinion

Precision rack & pinion positioning systems

Precision Gearboxes

Precision gearboxes for servos & steppers

Servo & Stepper Motor Systems

Positioning motors, drives and controllers

Ballscrews & Rails

Mechanical positioning components

Positioning Stages & Slides

Mechanical actuator driven positioners


Linear electric positioners

Safety Switches

Cost-Effective, Machine Safety Solutions

Industrial Communication Technologies

Cutting edge industrial networking solutions


Remote Monitoring for Machines & Systems

Industrial Data Security

Industrial Control System Security

Factory floor displays

Large format Industrial Andon Systems

Panel PC’s and Monitors

Industrial panel mount pcs and displays

Simple Save

A simple and fast energy savings program for industrial manufacturers

Integrated PLC, HMI, Touchscreen

Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Solutions

Dedicated HMI Touchscreen

Industrial touchscreen HMI products

Sensors & Vision Systems

Industrial sensors and vision camera systems

Gearboxes & Gearmotors

Industrial rotary gearing systems

Variable Frequency Drives

(VFD)'s for motor speed control

InteractX Windows

Windows based SCADA & HMI software