Sensors & Vision Systems

Camera + Software = Vision! A powerful smart camera in compact tightly sealed sensor housings with uniform dovetail mounting forms the basis of our VISOR® vision sensor and Eyesight vision systems. Among other features, it has integrated signal processing, LED Illumination (white, red, infrared, UV), data interfaces and digital I/Os, integrated optics or C-mount, as well as user-friendly configuration software.

More Information: Most of the inspection tasks that are required in practice can be solved with one of our VISOR® vision sensors that are ready for use in just a few steps. With up to 50 evaluations per second, our VISOR® vision sensors are also the right choice for rapid processes. And for particularly complex cases we offer the Eyesight, a flexible vision system with which you can also implement your most sophisticated automation requirements.

Vision system versions:

  • Object sensing

  • Code Reading

  • Color

  • Robotic

  • Solar

Smart Sensor Technologies including:

  • Distance

  • Color, Contrast, and luminescence

  • Photoelectric and Proximity

  • Fiber Optic

  • Fork Sensors

  • Ultrasonic Sensors, Inductive and Capacitive

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