Inheco’s On-Deck Shakers for Your Automation Processes

Teleshake Classic

Microplate shakers are used for mixing samples in immunoassays, ELISA, cell cultures, and other lab applications that require high throughput. When mixing low volume samples, shaking is preferred over stirring because it reduces excess contamination that could be caused by stirring rods. A compact shaker as a part of your automated liquid handling deck can save space and time in your processes. Inheco’s Teleshake series provides precise, uniform, and replicable shaking when using the shaker for automation in your processes. 

Find a model that matches your specific needs, Inheco offers three models of on-deck shakers


Teleshake Classic 

Inheco’s Teleshake classic is designed for smaller plate sizes. It utilizes effective shaking of 96 and 384 plates at 100 to 2000 rpm with amplitudes of 2-3 mm, all in one compact device. It’s also designed to shake vials, troughs, and reservoirs. The Teleshake classic takes up one ANSI/SLAS plate position on deck and is just 39 mm high with a zero-positioning function for effective robotic gripping. The off-deck controller further minimizes deck space while also reducing noise and temperature. 


The Teleshake can be controlled by a control module or PC via RS232 interface and can daisy chain up to 14 devices. Alternatively, you can also use Inheco Multi TEC Control unit when using the shaker for integration with up to six other Inheco devices in parallel with the Teleshake on your deck. An API is available and the Teleshake can be integrated with all major deck manufacturers, allowing for immediate plug and play. 



Teleshake AC

Inheco’s Teleshake AC allows for shaking of a wide variety of plates, and it can handle loads up to 500 g for linear, orbital, and diagonal shaking from 200 to 3000 rpm with an adjustable amplitude of 2 mm. Active clamping (automated labware clamping), using customized clamping rods for different labware, which allows for use of different format plates without adjustment. This also allows for you to shake plates with clamped lids and enables capabilities to pierce through sealing foils while keeping plates firmly clamped. 

ekmetic shake acTeleshake AC



The Teleshake AC takes up one ANSI/SLAS plate position on deck, being just 47 mm high and a separate off-deck control unit which saves valuable deck space. Control the Teleshake AC using the Inheco Single TEC Control Unit (STC), or the Multi TEC Control unit when using the shaker for integration with other Inheco devices in your processes. Immediate plug and play capabilities make the Teleshake AC easy to set up and utilize in your lab. 




Teleshake 1536

The Teleshake 1536 is perfect for small volumes in plates from 384 to 1536 wells that require higher shaking frequencies. It can perform at shaking frequencies from 4000 to 8500 rpm with an adjustable amplitude of 0.1-1 mm. The Teleshake 1536 is easy to integrate, it occupies little space at just 56 mm high and only occupies one ANSI/SLAS plate position on deck and an off-deck controller further reduces space taken up on your deck. 

Teleshake 1536Teleshake 1536

Like the Teleshake, the Teleshake 1536 can be controlled with a control module or PC via RS232 interface, and up to 14 devices can be daisy chained. Or using the Inheco Multi TEC Control unit when using the shaker for integration with up to six other Inheco devices at the same time on your deck. Immediate plug and play features make the Teleshake 1536 quick and easy to incorporate into any of your processes where a shaker for automation is needed. 


All three of the Teleshake models utilize features that make adjusting the shaking pattern on the device quick and easy, and the low speed start up process helps to prevent any spillage. Plates on all of the devices are also securely fastened during shaking processes with a mechanism that is easily adaptable for different plates. These key features and the efficiency of the Teleshake devices in lab processes are what makes these devices the preferred option for those looking for a shaker for automation processes. 

For more information on Inheco’s Teleshake series, contact us at or call our office at 815-282-1775.