Inheco’s ODTC: A Top Choice for Your Thermal Cycling Needs

On Deck Thermal Cycler

Inheco’s On Deck Thermal Cycler (ODTC), delivers rapid, accurate, and cost-conscious sample processing. In the world of genomics, molecular biology, and biotechnology, thermal cyclers are necessary for modifying and amplifying genetic material for PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) and NGS (Next Generation Sequencing). Labs, assay owners, and integrators prefer Inheco’s ODTC because they deliver the best and most efficient results.  


Using a thermal cycler, specifically an ODTC, in a lab allows you to put samples through repeated cycles of two temperature extremes, and it works by precisely raising and lowering the temperature of its thermal block. The samples in the tubes sit in the wells in the block and are heated and cooled by the block. This technology is often used to amplify segments of DNA using PCR and is also used in labs to enable other temperature-sensitive reactions. 


The ODTC includes Vapor Chamber Mount (VCM) technology which helps deliver fast, reliable results every time. In comparison to Peltier elements, VCM distributes the applied temperature more quickly and more evenly. This technology offers instant and precise heating and cooling to plateau temperature and uniformity across the entirety of the plate, including unequally filled plates or wells. It also features a horizontal lid that can be opened automatically during any point in a run with little to no effect on temperature. 


A big advantage of the ODTC is its compact size and space-efficient features which save valuable space on your deck. It’s available in different ventilation configurations including downwards, rearwards, left, and right. It can be configured in a total of 16 different configurations for leading flexibility to fit any space requirements and samples can also be accessed from every side of the ODTC. If needed, four ODTCs can be placed in a square with no effect on the ventilation. It is offered in a standard size for standard and low-profile plates and in an XL size for deep well plates. This thermal cycler is also available in 96 or 384 well plate configurations, to fit your unique and specific needs. 


These key features in Inheco’s ODTC are what differentiates it from other thermal cyclers on the market by making it even more efficient for your sample processing needs. Its accuracy, speed, and efficiency allow for an increase in batches in your daily processes. The ODTC’s consistent and accurate results, alongside its space-conscious features, and 24/7 unsupervised run-time capabilities are a few of the various ways that make Inheco’s On Deck Thermal Cycler a top choice for those looking for an integrated thermal cycler. 


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