Affordable Lab Automation for Plate Handling

MDM Cart Sytem

Tek-Matic has redesigned affordable lab automation with our innovative Mobile Device Module carts or better known as an MDM. MDMs give those who have no automation in their labs the opportunity to incorporate this technology into their workspace to work with instruments and create a fully automated workspace for maximum efficiency for plate handling. For robotically automating plate handling, there is no more affordable, flexible, and scalable solution currently on the market than what Tek-Matic is providing because it doesn’t constrain you to a giant automated infrastructure. 

What is an MDM?

MDMs are automated cart systems that can work in conjunction with your lab instruments to create a seamless work cell environment. They are elegantly wired internally to provide ethernet, USB, and input and output capabilities. MDMs can be purchased with or without software and are software autonomous, meaning they’re not strictly confined to one software and can be switched as your needs may change. MDM storage carts are designed to fit your space and capability needs and are fully customizable to fit virtually anywhere. 

Multi-Purpose and Flexible:

In terms of size, MDMs are much more space conscious than your typical work cell infrastructures, which are typically large units with high price points and inconvenient spatial designs. MDMs are structured to fit in your space, with options to go horizontally and vertically with your instruments. Tek-Matic’s approach with these storage carts was to simplify a huge work cell by incorporating the structures around your instruments for the convenience of optimized space and multiple configuration options to fit any of your spatial needs. 

One of the strongest benefits of MDMs is their multi-purpose functions, allowing the carts to be used for storage of any lab equipment when not in use for their main purpose. This benefits lab setting that potentially have rapidly changing project plans, which may or may not need the same volume of carts in their work cells at a given time. Buying an MDM system from Tek-Matic also gives you the benefit of buying the instruments on your own or with us, which can save you the hassle of purchasing instruments from an integrator that can significantly mark up prices. 


Always wanted to automate your lab but didn’t think it was possible with the prices of current system options? Tek-Matic’s innovative MDM carts make automating your lab much more attainable with a significantly lower price point than comparable laboratory storage systems. Tek-Matic purposefully designed these systems to be available so that anyone can afford to scale their processes via automation, including start-ups, small and large biotechs, companies that have their own automation departments, and the rebels of the world who refuse to pay potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars for automated robotics.

MDMs were created with price-conscious customers in mind, those who never thought they’d have the option to go fully automated without breaking the bank. Tek-Matic was inspired early on by several lab automation leaders to help reimagine the lab automation world in such a way that would empower more of the marketplace, which includes inclusivity of those companies that may not have the means to purchase extremely costly automation systems. 


Tek-Matic’s MDM carts are scaled to fit any laboratory workspace with customizable configurations that will work around your needs. These carts are designed to build as you go if needed, with the option to start with the robot base and one cart, and then later add up to eight carts in total if needed. This unique technology is fully customizable, allowing you to decide what works best for your space and instruments. 

MDM storage carts are the future of affordable, flexible, and scalable lab automation, allowing for maximum workspace conditions in an array of different industries. Tek-Matic created these with the customer in mind, and we can ensure a configuration that will fit whatever space you have along with innovative technology to give you the most ideal work cell environment in an affordable price range.