PAA’s KX-2: The Most Efficient Robotic Arm for Plate Handling


When considering a plate-handling robot arm for your lab, the efficiency of PAA’s KX-2 robot arm exceeds standards in comparison to similar robot arm technologies on the market. The various updated features of the KX-2 make it stand out for optimal plate handling in labs. The KX-2 robot arm uses industry-leading technology to create seamless plate handling in any environment plus other added features and a lower average price point than other robot arms on the market currently. 


The KX-2 robot arm has many unique features that differentiate it from comparable systems and create efficient and smooth plate handling. The KX-2 features continuous 360° rotation at the shoulder and wrist axes and a multi-link arm and offers an extensive reach for maximum efficiency for your plate handling needs. The KX-2 also has barcode scanning technology. When comparing the KX-2 to competing for robotic arms, Precise’s PF400 arm does not have 360° rotation capabilities or scanning technology, putting the KX-2 at the top for efficiency and convenience for plate handling in lab environments. 


The KX-2 is classified as a collaborative robot arm, meaning it is intended for direct human-robot interaction in a shared space. It includes high safety features including its fully enclosed working mechanism which ensures finger protection and eliminates the need for a safety enclosure around the arm. It is fundamentally safe to use and is fully compliant with safety standards. 


The KX-2 utilizes drag-to-teach technology, making set-up a quick and easy process to integrate the robot arm into your workflow. The linear rail and robot arm execute synchronized motion simultaneously, which improves efficiency and simplifies set-up. Integrating the KX2 with other instruments is a simple process also, all that’s needed is a USB interface which provides an easy connection to the host PC. Digital and Analogue I/O is available at the linear rail connector panel for interfacing and controlling other devices. 


One of the biggest advantages of PAA’s KX-2 robot arm is its significantly lower price point when compared to the PF400 or other similar robotic arms. The KX-2 comes in at a lower price than the PF400 but also includes a wider variety of size ranges; those being the 500, 750, and 1000mm height options, allowing you to pick the size that fits your space and project requirements best. The KX-2 can handle a wide range of labware including varying plates, tip racks, tube racks, Petri dishes, and T-flasks, making it the ideal robotic choice for a variety of research applications including areas such as synthetic biology, drug discovery, and biotechnology. The counter-balanced arm of the KX-2 makes the handling of deep well plates possible at maximum extension for optimal use. 


When it comes to choosing the most efficient robotic arm option on the market for plate handling, PAA’s KX-2 robotic arm has you covered with industry-leading technology. The affordable price point, upgraded features, and various other differentiators make the KX-2 the best option for optimal plate handling operations. 


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