Choosing Antaira for Your Industrial Control Device Needs With the Help of Tek-Matic

Industrial Ethernet Switches

Why Antaira? 

Antaira offers an industry-leading selection of options to provide you with solutions to all of your connectivity needs. Antaira carries a vast selection of industrial control devices, including Industrial Ethernet Switches, Wireless Access Points & Clients, Remote Access Products, Media Converters, Serial Servers, and any other accompanying accessories you may need. They are focused on value-added differentiators such as product pre-configurations and custom solutions which sets them apart from competitors. They specialize in providing a wide variety of industrial Power-Over-Ethernet (PoE) switches, providing output powers of up to 90W.

Supported Industries/Target Market

Antaira provides industrial control devices for vertical and horizontal target markets. Vertical markets would include any industrial setting where plant-floor communication is necessary, along with industrial machinery, and cameras, and where product longevity is needed. On the other side of things, the horizontal market includes industrial settings where temperature-hardened, vibration-tested, and durable connectivity is necessary. Antaira offers a wide variety of industrial ethernet switches and connectivity options that are designed for the supported industries that they serve, including Industrial Automation, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Security and Surveillance, Oil and Gas, Power Utility, and Water Wastewater. 

Customer Pains/Remedies 

Antaira offers unparalleled customer support, ensuring that you have a real person to contact with any of your questions regarding industrial ethernet switches or any other industrial control devices and supported accessories. Antaira also provides connected devices, like cameras, with industrial power sources which are not standard of competitor options. They ensure to follow IEEE standards, allowing for efficient and non-confusing designs. Competitive products also offer a lack of open-standard features. Purchasing Antaira industrial control devices, such as industrial switches, industrial wifi routers, industrial wireless devices, and so on, relieves the customer of being held down and pigeon-holed by larger manufacturers. 

industrial ethernet switches

Benefits of Purchasing Antaira from Tek-Matic

Antaira has aligned itself to focus on regional automation distributors, like Tek-Matic, by giving their partners the benefit of protected and insulated pricing, margin, project projection, support, and resources. Working with Tek-Matic to obtain your Antaira products, such as industrial Ethernet switches or varying other product options, offers the customer the benefit of real U.S. timely support. We also offer extensive knowledge of available industrial control devices, including industrial Ethernet switches, industrial wireless devices, media converters, industrial wifi routers, and any other supported Antaira devices. Tek-Matic can offer guidance on options and features to fit any of your needs and we can assist you with support from the beginning stages to the successful installation of your industrial control devices, as well as down the road with any questions or concerns.