InteractX Windows

Interact X can run on a desktop, or on our Parker Industrial PC Powerstations. They are rugged, slim and cost effective. PowerStations offer more for less than other Industrial Workstations: More power, more memory, more reliability all with less heat dissipation, power consumption and at a lower cost than competitive units.

Software highlights include:

  • Includes Quick Logging, historical trending, and recipe management
  • Supervisory-Level HMI aggregates data from multiple devices
  • Time-saving integration with Interact Xpress (dedicated HMI touchscreen interface)
  • Unlimited tags
  • Over 60 standard communication drivers
  • Advanced tools such as ActiveX plug-ins, VBA scripting, and OPC client/server support
  • Easy E-Sig tools simplify compliance with FDA Regulations

Hardware Highlights include:

  • 7 thru 22 inch touchscreen displays
  • High speed quad core processors
  • SSD storage drives
  • IP 65 front face

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