Assay Robotics

Innovation via state-of-the-art assays is crucial in reducing the time and cost to bring pharma and biotech drug candidates through R&D and to market. However, development of these assays can take months, thus contributing to a major part of the drug development bottleneck. Automating assays is the key to managing the throughput, expensive reagent cost, accuracy, sensitivity, safety, and efficacy requirements. Assay Robotics is a turnkey automated assay development service to help companies develop and implement assays to run on liquid handling robots. Our goal is to help companies free up their schedules to spend more time working on experiments, and much less time spent learning to program and run assays on robotic instrumentation.

What does Assay Robotics assist with?

  • Assessment and selection of best fit liquid handling robot manufacturer and software, or utilization of customer’s existing platforms
  • Development of the assay(s) for automation, Including flexible assay design that allows companies to easily modify and adapt to future workloads and changes in a cost-effective manner
  • Programming and integrating assay(s) into the robot
  • Ensuring that project performance requirements, milestones, and timelines are met
  • Demonstrating that the new automated assay meets or exceeds specifications
  • Installation and implementation of the assay(s) at customer’s facility

Why partner with us for assay development?

  • No more need to dedicate 100% of your staff to a short-term project
  • Our team of engineers and scientists are 100% dedicated and committed to the completion of customer projects
  • Faster implementation of enhanced assays
  • Higher success rates in clinical trials
  • Our team can speak the language of both scientists and robot manufacturers
  • Expertise in wide variety of assay types, including cell-based, vaccine, genomics, proteomics, and ELISA
  • Robot brand agnostic
  • ISO-certified with a GLP-development lab