Antibody Analysis Kits

These assay solutions enable researchers to tightly monitor product qualities such as titers and glycosylation directly within their own cell culture labs, without having to outsource to different departments or companies. Samples can be measured directly from supernatant without lengthy sample preparation, and time to result is 2 hours or less.

Features and Benefits:

  • No-wash, bead-based assay format
  • Provides a low barrier of entry to easily quantifying IgG and analyzing glycan profiles by not requiring any special lab instrumentation
  • Speeds up screening processes with time to result of <2 hours
  • All assays take place in 384 well-plate format, to increase sample throughput. Entire plate does not have to be used at once, and can be stored for future use
  • Easily automatable workflow to further increase overall throughput
  • Conserves precious samples by utilizing much lower sample volume than traditional methods require (<10 uL of sample volume required)
  • Quantification kits cover a wide concentration range and are compatible with a wide variety of analytes, including: Fc-fusion proteins; human IgG; mouse IgG; Fab fragments
  • Glycan Analysis kits can screen for the following: core fucose; terminal galactose; terminal GlcNac; high mannose; sialic acid

PAIA Titer Assay Menu

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