Lynx LM700 – A Game Changing Compact Liquid Handler



Dynamic Devices’ LM700 is an innovative device designed to streamline your laboratory processes through automated liquid handling, guaranteeing consistent, accurate results. In a long-stagnant market, this product created a stir, offering a comprehensive solution to your liquid handling requirements.


Dynamic Devices offers a wide variety of automated liquid handling solutions. In a marketplace that desperately needed innovation, they created the LM700, an affordable, powerful, and compact liquid handling system. The demand for this device was significant, and considering Tek-Matic’s expertise with lab automation, it became obvious for us to become the authorized distributor of the LM700.


The exciting partnership between Tek-Matic and Dynamic Devices began at SLAS 2022, where we displayed a Dynamic Devices liquid handler in our booth. Our companies would go on to successfully work together again, with Tek-Matic displaying a KX-2 arm at Dynamic Devices’ booth at LRIG 2022, and again at SLAS 2023. We are thrilled to further expand our partnership by growing the LM700 line together, given the past successes collaborating together.


The LM700 is an excellent liquid handler for any lab that is looking for quality lab automation at an affordable price. The LM700 is compact, measuring in at 28”x26”x26”, and has 12 microplate positions on its deck. It features linear motors which ensure smooth and precise motion. It is also equipped with intuitive Method Manager software and method templates and training, so users can get it up and running quickly. The LM700 has extra features, such as offset tip loading, a Z axis with a separate gripper/barcode scanner, and a has potential to add a Hepa Hood with a fan filter. All of these features come in an affordable package, making the LM700 an unbeatable option on the compact liquid handling market.


Dynamic Devices recently brought the MCPA head-swapping tool to the LM700. This programmable tool allows users to automatically switch heads mid-workflow in under 30 seconds, eliminating the need for two standalone units with different heads. With core options 96 ST, 96 LV, and 384, you can be sure that your project will be completed quickly and with accuracy. Eliminate wasted time, dollars, and effort with the MCPA head-swapping tool!


Tek-Matic can integrate the LM700 with the KX-2 lab robot and make the process of loading labware on the deck even faster and more efficient. With our Overlord Software, you can control the KX-2 and integrate it with the LM700. For simpler applications, Method Manager and the LM700 can also control the KX-2 and ensure smooth integration.


Dynamic Devices' LM700


Tek-Matic excels in offering the perfect solution for any laboratory looking to integrate NGS devices onto their LM700 liquid handler. Our adaptable instrument carts provide an ideal platform for mounting Inheco On Deck Thermocyclers (ODTC), shaking, and heating/cooling devices, allowing you to easily execute complex NGS protocols at the touch of a button. In addition to NGS plate prep, the LM700 can perform DNA Purification Magnetic Bead Purification, DNA & Protein SPE Purification, and Cell Maintenance & Distribution. With the use of our instrument carts, you can move, store, and secure your devices in the same space, creating a streamlined and efficient workflow.


We are very excited about our partnership with Dynamic Devices and having the opportunity to make the LM700 more accessible to labs. With its affordability, compact design, and MCPA head-swapping tool, the LM700 liquid handler is a great addition to anyone looking for lab automation. Tek-Matic’s integration of NGS devices into the LM700 liquid handler allows labs to maximize their efficiency and ensure the success of their processes. By combining the expertise of both companies, more labs will be able to benefit from this powerful, efficient, and affordable liquid handler.


For any questions or for additional information on the LM700, please contact or call 815-282-1775