Lynx LM700 – A Game Changing Compact Liquid Handler



Dynamic Devices’ LM700 is an innovative device designed to streamline your laboratory processes through automated liquid handling, guaranteeing consistent, accurate results. In a long-stagnant market, this product created a stir, offering a comprehensive solution to your liquid handling requirements.


Dynamic Devices offers a wide variety of automated liquid handling solutions. In a marketplace that desperately needed innovation, they created the LM700, an affordable, powerful, and compact liquid handling system. The demand for this device was significant, and considering Tek-Matic’s expertise with lab automation, it became obvious for us to become the authorized distributor of the LM700.


The exciting partnership between Tek-Matic and Dynamic Devices began at SLAS 2022, where we displayed a Dynamic Devices liquid handler in our booth. Our companies would go on to successfully work together again, with Tek-Matic displaying a KX-2 arm at Dynamic Devices’ booth at LRIG 2022, and again at SLAS 2023. We are thrilled to further expand our partnership by growing the LM700 line together, given the past successes collaborating together.


The LM700 is an excellent liquid handler for any lab that is looking for quality lab automation at an affordable price. The LM700 is compact, measuring in at 28”x26”x26”, and has 12 microplate positions on its deck. It features linear motors which ensure smooth and precise motion. It is also equipped with intuitive Method Manager software and method templates and training, so users can get it up and running quickly. The LM700 has extra features, such as offset tip loading, a Z axis with a separate gripper/barcode scanner, and a has potential to add a Hepa Hood with a fan filter. All of these features come in an affordable package, making the LM700 an unbeatable option on the compact liquid handling market.


Dynamic Devices recently brought the MCPA head-swapping tool to the LM700. This programmable tool allows users to automatically switch heads mid-workflow in under 30 seconds, eliminating the need for two standalone units with different heads. With core options 96 ST, 96 LV, and 384, you can be sure that your project will be completed quickly and with accuracy. Eliminate wasted time, dollars, and effort with the MCPA head-swapping tool!


Tek-Matic can integrate the LM700 with the KX-2 lab robot and make the process of loading labware on the deck even faster and more efficient. With our Overlord Software, you can control the KX-2 and integrate it with the LM700. For simpler applications, Method Manager and the LM700 can also control the KX-2 and ensure smooth integration.


Dynamic Devices' LM700


Tek-Matic excels in offering the perfect solution for any laboratory looking to integrate NGS devices onto their LM700 liquid handler. Our adaptable instrument carts provide an ideal platform for mounting Inheco On Deck Thermocyclers (ODTC), shaking, and heating/cooling devices, allowing you to easily execute complex NGS protocols at the touch of a button. In addition to NGS plate prep, the LM700 can perform DNA Purification Magnetic Bead Purification, DNA & Protein SPE Purification, and Cell Maintenance & Distribution. With the use of our instrument carts, you can move, store, and secure your devices in the same space, creating a streamlined and efficient workflow.


We are very excited about our partnership with Dynamic Devices and having the opportunity to make the LM700 more accessible to labs. With its affordability, compact design, and MCPA head-swapping tool, the LM700 liquid handler is a great addition to anyone looking for lab automation. Tek-Matic’s integration of NGS devices into the LM700 liquid handler allows labs to maximize their efficiency and ensure the success of their processes. By combining the expertise of both companies, more labs will be able to benefit from this powerful, efficient, and affordable liquid handler.


For any questions or for additional information on the LM700, please contact or call 815-282-1775


Inheco’s On-Deck Shakers for Your Automation Processes

Teleshake Classic

Microplate shakers are used for mixing samples in immunoassays, ELISA, cell cultures, and other lab applications that require high throughput. When mixing low volume samples, shaking is preferred over stirring because it reduces excess contamination that could be caused by stirring rods. A compact shaker as a part of your automated liquid handling deck can save space and time in your processes. Inheco’s Teleshake series provides precise, uniform, and replicable shaking when using the shaker for automation in your processes. 

Find a model that matches your specific needs, Inheco offers three models of on-deck shakers


Teleshake Classic 

Inheco’s Teleshake classic is designed for smaller plate sizes. It utilizes effective shaking of 96 and 384 plates at 100 to 2000 rpm with amplitudes of 2-3 mm, all in one compact device. It’s also designed to shake vials, troughs, and reservoirs. The Teleshake classic takes up one ANSI/SLAS plate position on deck and is just 39 mm high with a zero-positioning function for effective robotic gripping. The off-deck controller further minimizes deck space while also reducing noise and temperature. 


The Teleshake can be controlled by a control module or PC via RS232 interface and can daisy chain up to 14 devices. Alternatively, you can also use Inheco Multi TEC Control unit when using the shaker for integration with up to six other Inheco devices in parallel with the Teleshake on your deck. An API is available and the Teleshake can be integrated with all major deck manufacturers, allowing for immediate plug and play. 



Teleshake AC

Inheco’s Teleshake AC allows for shaking of a wide variety of plates, and it can handle loads up to 500 g for linear, orbital, and diagonal shaking from 200 to 3000 rpm with an adjustable amplitude of 2 mm. Active clamping (automated labware clamping), using customized clamping rods for different labware, which allows for use of different format plates without adjustment. This also allows for you to shake plates with clamped lids and enables capabilities to pierce through sealing foils while keeping plates firmly clamped. 

ekmetic shake acTeleshake AC



The Teleshake AC takes up one ANSI/SLAS plate position on deck, being just 47 mm high and a separate off-deck control unit which saves valuable deck space. Control the Teleshake AC using the Inheco Single TEC Control Unit (STC), or the Multi TEC Control unit when using the shaker for integration with other Inheco devices in your processes. Immediate plug and play capabilities make the Teleshake AC easy to set up and utilize in your lab. 




Teleshake 1536

The Teleshake 1536 is perfect for small volumes in plates from 384 to 1536 wells that require higher shaking frequencies. It can perform at shaking frequencies from 4000 to 8500 rpm with an adjustable amplitude of 0.1-1 mm. The Teleshake 1536 is easy to integrate, it occupies little space at just 56 mm high and only occupies one ANSI/SLAS plate position on deck and an off-deck controller further reduces space taken up on your deck. 

Teleshake 1536Teleshake 1536

Like the Teleshake, the Teleshake 1536 can be controlled with a control module or PC via RS232 interface, and up to 14 devices can be daisy chained. Or using the Inheco Multi TEC Control unit when using the shaker for integration with up to six other Inheco devices at the same time on your deck. Immediate plug and play features make the Teleshake 1536 quick and easy to incorporate into any of your processes where a shaker for automation is needed. 


All three of the Teleshake models utilize features that make adjusting the shaking pattern on the device quick and easy, and the low speed start up process helps to prevent any spillage. Plates on all of the devices are also securely fastened during shaking processes with a mechanism that is easily adaptable for different plates. These key features and the efficiency of the Teleshake devices in lab processes are what makes these devices the preferred option for those looking for a shaker for automation processes. 

For more information on Inheco’s Teleshake series, contact us at or call our office at 815-282-1775. 










Inheco’s ODTC: A Top Choice for Your Thermal Cycling Needs

On Deck Thermal Cycler

Inheco’s On Deck Thermal Cycler (ODTC), delivers rapid, accurate, and cost-conscious sample processing. In the world of genomics, molecular biology, and biotechnology, thermal cyclers are necessary for modifying and amplifying genetic material for PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) and NGS (Next Generation Sequencing). Labs, assay owners, and integrators prefer Inheco’s ODTC because they deliver the best and most efficient results.  


Using a thermal cycler, specifically an ODTC, in a lab allows you to put samples through repeated cycles of two temperature extremes, and it works by precisely raising and lowering the temperature of its thermal block. The samples in the tubes sit in the wells in the block and are heated and cooled by the block. This technology is often used to amplify segments of DNA using PCR and is also used in labs to enable other temperature-sensitive reactions. 


The ODTC includes Vapor Chamber Mount (VCM) technology which helps deliver fast, reliable results every time. In comparison to Peltier elements, VCM distributes the applied temperature more quickly and more evenly. This technology offers instant and precise heating and cooling to plateau temperature and uniformity across the entirety of the plate, including unequally filled plates or wells. It also features a horizontal lid that can be opened automatically during any point in a run with little to no effect on temperature. 


A big advantage of the ODTC is its compact size and space-efficient features which save valuable space on your deck. It’s available in different ventilation configurations including downwards, rearwards, left, and right. It can be configured in a total of 16 different configurations for leading flexibility to fit any space requirements and samples can also be accessed from every side of the ODTC. If needed, four ODTCs can be placed in a square with no effect on the ventilation. It is offered in a standard size for standard and low-profile plates and in an XL size for deep well plates. This thermal cycler is also available in 96 or 384 well plate configurations, to fit your unique and specific needs. 


These key features in Inheco’s ODTC are what differentiates it from other thermal cyclers on the market by making it even more efficient for your sample processing needs. Its accuracy, speed, and efficiency allow for an increase in batches in your daily processes. The ODTC’s consistent and accurate results, alongside its space-conscious features, and 24/7 unsupervised run-time capabilities are a few of the various ways that make Inheco’s On Deck Thermal Cycler a top choice for those looking for an integrated thermal cycler. 


For more information on Inheco’s ODTC, please contact our office at 815-282-1775 or email

PAA’s KX-2: The Most Efficient Robotic Arm for Plate Handling


When considering a plate-handling robot arm for your lab, the efficiency of PAA’s KX-2 robot arm exceeds standards in comparison to similar robot arm technologies on the market. The various updated features of the KX-2 make it stand out for optimal plate handling in labs. The KX-2 robot arm uses industry-leading technology to create seamless plate handling in any environment plus other added features and a lower average price point than other robot arms on the market currently. 


The KX-2 robot arm has many unique features that differentiate it from comparable systems and create efficient and smooth plate handling. The KX-2 features continuous 360° rotation at the shoulder and wrist axes and a multi-link arm and offers an extensive reach for maximum efficiency for your plate handling needs. The KX-2 also has barcode scanning technology. When comparing the KX-2 to competing for robotic arms, Precise’s PF400 arm does not have 360° rotation capabilities or scanning technology, putting the KX-2 at the top for efficiency and convenience for plate handling in lab environments. 


The KX-2 is classified as a collaborative robot arm, meaning it is intended for direct human-robot interaction in a shared space. It includes high safety features including its fully enclosed working mechanism which ensures finger protection and eliminates the need for a safety enclosure around the arm. It is fundamentally safe to use and is fully compliant with safety standards. 


The KX-2 utilizes drag-to-teach technology, making set-up a quick and easy process to integrate the robot arm into your workflow. The linear rail and robot arm execute synchronized motion simultaneously, which improves efficiency and simplifies set-up. Integrating the KX2 with other instruments is a simple process also, all that’s needed is a USB interface which provides an easy connection to the host PC. Digital and Analogue I/O is available at the linear rail connector panel for interfacing and controlling other devices. 


One of the biggest advantages of PAA’s KX-2 robot arm is its significantly lower price point when compared to the PF400 or other similar robotic arms. The KX-2 comes in at a lower price than the PF400 but also includes a wider variety of size ranges; those being the 500, 750, and 1000mm height options, allowing you to pick the size that fits your space and project requirements best. The KX-2 can handle a wide range of labware including varying plates, tip racks, tube racks, Petri dishes, and T-flasks, making it the ideal robotic choice for a variety of research applications including areas such as synthetic biology, drug discovery, and biotechnology. The counter-balanced arm of the KX-2 makes the handling of deep well plates possible at maximum extension for optimal use. 


When it comes to choosing the most efficient robotic arm option on the market for plate handling, PAA’s KX-2 robotic arm has you covered with industry-leading technology. The affordable price point, upgraded features, and various other differentiators make the KX-2 the best option for optimal plate handling operations. 


For more information on the KX-2, please contact our office at 815-282-1775 or email 

Choosing Antaira for Your Industrial Control Device Needs With the Help of Tek-Matic

Industrial Ethernet Switches

Why Antaira? 

Antaira offers an industry-leading selection of options to provide you with solutions to all of your connectivity needs. Antaira carries a vast selection of industrial control devices, including Industrial Ethernet Switches, Wireless Access Points & Clients, Remote Access Products, Media Converters, Serial Servers, and any other accompanying accessories you may need. They are focused on value-added differentiators such as product pre-configurations and custom solutions which sets them apart from competitors. They specialize in providing a wide variety of industrial Power-Over-Ethernet (PoE) switches, providing output powers of up to 90W.

Supported Industries/Target Market

Antaira provides industrial control devices for vertical and horizontal target markets. Vertical markets would include any industrial setting where plant-floor communication is necessary, along with industrial machinery, and cameras, and where product longevity is needed. On the other side of things, the horizontal market includes industrial settings where temperature-hardened, vibration-tested, and durable connectivity is necessary. Antaira offers a wide variety of industrial ethernet switches and connectivity options that are designed for the supported industries that they serve, including Industrial Automation, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Security and Surveillance, Oil and Gas, Power Utility, and Water Wastewater. 

Customer Pains/Remedies 

Antaira offers unparalleled customer support, ensuring that you have a real person to contact with any of your questions regarding industrial ethernet switches or any other industrial control devices and supported accessories. Antaira also provides connected devices, like cameras, with industrial power sources which are not standard of competitor options. They ensure to follow IEEE standards, allowing for efficient and non-confusing designs. Competitive products also offer a lack of open-standard features. Purchasing Antaira industrial control devices, such as industrial switches, industrial wifi routers, industrial wireless devices, and so on, relieves the customer of being held down and pigeon-holed by larger manufacturers. 

industrial ethernet switches

Benefits of Purchasing Antaira from Tek-Matic

Antaira has aligned itself to focus on regional automation distributors, like Tek-Matic, by giving their partners the benefit of protected and insulated pricing, margin, project projection, support, and resources. Working with Tek-Matic to obtain your Antaira products, such as industrial Ethernet switches or varying other product options, offers the customer the benefit of real U.S. timely support. We also offer extensive knowledge of available industrial control devices, including industrial Ethernet switches, industrial wireless devices, media converters, industrial wifi routers, and any other supported Antaira devices. Tek-Matic can offer guidance on options and features to fit any of your needs and we can assist you with support from the beginning stages to the successful installation of your industrial control devices, as well as down the road with any questions or concerns.  

Affordable Lab Automation for Plate Handling

MDM Cart Sytem

Tek-Matic has redesigned affordable lab automation with our innovative Mobile Device Module carts or better known as an MDM. MDMs give those who have no automation in their labs the opportunity to incorporate this technology into their workspace to work with instruments and create a fully automated workspace for maximum efficiency for plate handling. For robotically automating plate handling, there is no more affordable, flexible, and scalable solution currently on the market than what Tek-Matic is providing because it doesn’t constrain you to a giant automated infrastructure. 

What is an MDM?

MDMs are automated cart systems that can work in conjunction with your lab instruments to create a seamless work cell environment. They are elegantly wired internally to provide ethernet, USB, and input and output capabilities. MDMs can be purchased with or without software and are software autonomous, meaning they’re not strictly confined to one software and can be switched as your needs may change. MDM storage carts are designed to fit your space and capability needs and are fully customizable to fit virtually anywhere. 

Multi-Purpose and Flexible:

In terms of size, MDMs are much more space conscious than your typical work cell infrastructures, which are typically large units with high price points and inconvenient spatial designs. MDMs are structured to fit in your space, with options to go horizontally and vertically with your instruments. Tek-Matic’s approach with these storage carts was to simplify a huge work cell by incorporating the structures around your instruments for the convenience of optimized space and multiple configuration options to fit any of your spatial needs. 

One of the strongest benefits of MDMs is their multi-purpose functions, allowing the carts to be used for storage of any lab equipment when not in use for their main purpose. This benefits lab setting that potentially have rapidly changing project plans, which may or may not need the same volume of carts in their work cells at a given time. Buying an MDM system from Tek-Matic also gives you the benefit of buying the instruments on your own or with us, which can save you the hassle of purchasing instruments from an integrator that can significantly mark up prices. 


Always wanted to automate your lab but didn’t think it was possible with the prices of current system options? Tek-Matic’s innovative MDM carts make automating your lab much more attainable with a significantly lower price point than comparable laboratory storage systems. Tek-Matic purposefully designed these systems to be available so that anyone can afford to scale their processes via automation, including start-ups, small and large biotechs, companies that have their own automation departments, and the rebels of the world who refuse to pay potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars for automated robotics.

MDMs were created with price-conscious customers in mind, those who never thought they’d have the option to go fully automated without breaking the bank. Tek-Matic was inspired early on by several lab automation leaders to help reimagine the lab automation world in such a way that would empower more of the marketplace, which includes inclusivity of those companies that may not have the means to purchase extremely costly automation systems. 


Tek-Matic’s MDM carts are scaled to fit any laboratory workspace with customizable configurations that will work around your needs. These carts are designed to build as you go if needed, with the option to start with the robot base and one cart, and then later add up to eight carts in total if needed. This unique technology is fully customizable, allowing you to decide what works best for your space and instruments. 

MDM storage carts are the future of affordable, flexible, and scalable lab automation, allowing for maximum workspace conditions in an array of different industries. Tek-Matic created these with the customer in mind, and we can ensure a configuration that will fit whatever space you have along with innovative technology to give you the most ideal work cell environment in an affordable price range.