cytena_logo1Single Cell Printer

The Single Cell Printer (SCP) is a new dispensing technology that has the ability to print single cells with very high printing efficiencies and single cell viabilities. The SCP offers zero cross-contamination and image-based proof of clonality. This technology completely automates single cell seeding, thus eliminating multiple rounds of cloning and avoiding time-consuming manual pipetting.

scp image


The SCP introduces a unique, automated single cell sorting and dispensing platform. Some features and applications of the single cell printer include:


  • Applications include cell line development, single cell genomics, and more
  • Compact, benchtop size
  • User-friendly interface
  • Setup time of less than 10 minutes
  • Zero cross contamination
  • Able to dispense many different cell types
  • No cleaning procedures required
  • Easy to use automated platform
  • High printing efficiencies
  • High viability rates
  • Documented, image-based proof of clonality


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