The PipeJet Nanodispenser Starter Kit includes everything you need to realize your low volume dispensing application. The kit includes a PipeJet dispensing module and the control electronics, as well as the intuitive PipeJet control software. In order to allow for the simplest possible integration of the PipeJet Nanodispenser, the control electronics process external trigger signals. Additionally, the complete PipeJet functionality can be embedded into your system via the provided DLLs.

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The PipeJet starter kit is an easy-to-use, affordable way to begin dispensing in very low volume ranges. Some features and applications of the PipeJet technology include:

  • Individually programmable droplets from 1 to 70 nL
  • Dispensing speeds up to 120 Hz
  • Super low dead volumes
  • Valve-less technology
  • Dispensing of live cells
  • Zero cross contamination
  • Non contact dispensing
  • Extremely accurate CVs
  • Able to dispense into SBS well plates, and onto microfluidic slides and cartridges
  • Dispensing of aggressive media or viscous fluids


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