Indigo’s intelligent design allows users to easily automate more synthetic chemistry reactions, shorten cycle times, and improve sample integrity. Indigo easily integrates with laboratory robotics or can be used as a standalone automation device for chemists at their workstations.

  • synthetic reactor
  • Powered by Accelerated
  • All-in-one reaction capability allows for 8 independently controlled reactions to be run in parallel, thus eliminating sample transfer across different devices.
  • Virtual Chemist (VC) web-based interface remotely monitors and controls reaction pressure, stir speed, and temperature for each independent lane.
  • Indigo produces compounds and data, increasing users’ probability of success. VC data provides better predictability and repeatability for future new material reactions.

Additional features:

  • Heat, stir, chill, and reflux all on one device
  • Self-cleaning lid with auto open/close functionality
  • Adjustable stir rates
  • Ambient mode for pressure controlled reactions
  • Accommodates multiple vial sizes
  • Allows for safe reactions above reflux temperature
  • Removable vial caps for in-process biopsy
  • AutoPurge function evacuates each vessel
  • Wide temperature range (-40 C to 150 C)
  • Dynamic mode for “in test” vial swap and reagent addition



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