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FlexLab is a brand new approach to the discovery lab experience. We’ve coupled the world’s fastest linear motor conveying system with state-of-the-art robotics and software integration, allowing you to transport and track test samples throughout your entire lab. FlexLab is designed to streamline entire laboratory workflows and drastically reduce sample cycle time from weeks to days, all while giving you the flexibility and freedom to choose your own lab configuration.

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Some of the scalable features and benefits of FlexLab include:

  • High-speed intelligent conveying
  • Remote, web-based sample ordering, monitoring, and tracking
  • World class, seamless integration
  • Global information sharing and access
  • Freedom to choose your own robotics and scheduling software
  • Integrated safety
  • Lights out, 24/7 lab operation
  • Consolidated discovery workflows in one collaborative space
  • Virtual reality tour control



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