The BioSpot workstation is the most versatile, low volume dispensing system of its kind. Designed as a modular multi-purpose workstation, the BioSpot incorporates the revolutionary PipeJet technology into a fully automated nanoliter dispensing platform. The BioSpot’s wide dispensing range and highly flexible nature allows for precise dispensing onto any type of substrate, and can be easily customized to fit every user’s needs.

The BioSpot introduces unmatched advantages, extreme versatility, and many options for customization. Some features and applications of the BioSpot include:


  • Up to 12 dispensing channels
  • Non contact dispensing
  • Extremely accurate CVs with built-in auto calibration camera
  • Dispenses in the picoliter, nanoliter, and microliter ranges
  • Small footprint
  • Super low dead volumes
  • Able to dispense into 96, 384, and 1536 well plates, and onto microfluidic slides and cartridges
  • Built-in camera for fiducial alignment
  • Zero cross contamination
  • Able to dispense particles, living cells, viscous fluids, and more


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