Our innovative products and solutions give your machines, instruments and processes an edge in the marketplace.  Here are some of the technology advantage concepts that we utilize:

Miniaturization    We offer and utilize some of the World’s smallest motors, sensors, and dispensers which allow you to reduce the size, weight, and footprint of your machines.

Ultra High Precision  Nano-meter positioning, Nano-liter dispensing, and micron level sensing gives your instrument/machine a performance edge in the market.

Customization    Products can be customized for special environments, shapes, circuit boards configurations, performance and software features. This allows you to tailor your system or product to the market needs.

Intelligent “Smart” Products    Our products have built in microprocessors, I/O and communications making all parts of your machine “smart”, independent and flexible.  This also allows you to utilize a simpler, less customized main controller, and get better diagnostics from various parts of your machine or system.

Easier to use and control    Simple graphical user interfaces (GUI’s), flexible communication protocols, and easy programming accelerates your time to market.

High Throughput    Our products utilize some of the highest speed performance capabilities on the market.  This increases your production rates, and reduces time of discovery.

Energy Savings    Our products allow smart control of your equipment and process, allowing you to control and reduce the amount of energy consumed.



Lab Automation

Tekmatic Lab Automation